Another two weeks and both Cannonball and Hit the Brixx races are in the books and Triple Lakes Trail Races is Saturday. Our fall craziness is almost over! We love being part of these classic Triad running events. Hit the Brixx is special because it is the first race that Elaine and I directed and were part of producing, and it still 100% benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Triple Lakes represents the birth of Junction 311 Endurance Sports, it was the first race we produced as a company. And last, but certainly not least is Cannonball, our flagship event. It was even more exciting this year with the addition of the full marathon!

My restart to my journey back is going slowly, but well. Just like my running! I still have hopes of doing the half marathon in Pensacola, but maybe at my slowest half pace ever. The hip continues to be pain free and the runs feel good, The weather has certainly been awesome, FINALLY! We must have been living right because it looks like we will get our third straight perfect race weather Saturday. The cool temps do make it easier. I am looking forward to a good longer run on Sunday. If it goes well, then I am pretty much green light for Pensacola.

Getting injured and changing gears has been interesting. Gives me a different perspective. It is frustrating, but makes you rethink running and why you do it. Also makes you look at the little things. I need to do a little for strength and core work. I need to make sure I am in the right shoes and I need to be a little more careful now that I am a “mature” runner. Always take time to be thankful and enjoy.

Cool Running,


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