Say yes or raise your hand if you have:


Waited until the last minute to register?

Not registered for something you want because you’ve already spent your “race” or “running” budget?

Registered but then had to miss for one reason or another?


Most have us who run in races have experience one or all of the above.  With the fall event season coming into peak time our team at Junction 311 Endurance Sports, along with some fellow runners and friends, thought all could benefit from a few pointers on how you may be able to save a few $ at registration. Our hope is that the guidance we pass along may save you a few dollars and allow you to participate in even more events in the future!


  • STEP 1: RESEARCH & PLANNING-This just gets you started!
    • What events do you think you want to do?
    • Are there costs you will incur in addition to registration to participate in the event?
      • Coaching? Travel? Lodging? Food? Extra Gear?


    • When does registration open and how much is it?
    • When does registration close and how much is it?


  • Pay attention to price increases!
    • In general races increase in price as the event date nears.  The earlier you register the least expensive the pricing typically is AND you guarantee yourself the event schwag/goods like shirts etc.


  • Watch for Deals!
    • Many events will offer discounts around special occasions or holidays. Don’t plan on getting it but if you see one, take advantage! Pricing will likely only continue to go up if you miss the deal/wait.


  • Check out for military/veteran, group or organizational discounts. The discounts aren’t always listed. Don’t be afraid to ask! A quick email can do the trick.
  • Look out for bonus referrals etc that are sometimes given out when you register. Most events want you to share with friends. Take advantage of the incentive and share the experience!
  • Look out for opportunities to participate in conjunction with a Fundraising Campaign. This opportunity doesn’t always exist but when it does, you get to raise $ and awareness for a cause and you get registration for your event.
  • If something keeps you away from the start line-as soon as you know reach out to the race director and ask for a deferral or help in any way.  In many cases your participation items may already be purchased BUT with enough advanced warning (ie do NOT request race week) the R.D. may be able to move you to another event or next years event.
  • VOLUNTEER! Most race directors will give you discounted or even free event entry if you volunteer for another of their events. Win win!


As always, the most basic is to do the research in advance and have a budget in mind. Doing that MUST DO in Europe or some cross country huge event may burn your budget for a particular year (or not!) but with proper planning you can find a way to run local, run BIG, run small, run fun and experience many wonderful events the year through.

Junction 311 Endurance Sports