One of the biggest issues that new runners have is a small aerobic base, also called running endurance or stamina. When runners aggressively increase their running mileage that they are putting in per week, it can lead to numerous of injuries, especially if they are not doing enough core work. So how do you improve your running endurance without increasing your risk of injury? The best way is to supplement your running workouts with alternative aerobic exercise, which have better benefits, helps prevent injuries, and help focus on building a solid aerobic foundation. Some of the best supplemental forms of aerobic exercise to drastically improve someone’s level of fitness are cycling and pool running. Next time you are preparing for a race, try adding in 3 hours every week of cycling and pool running in addition to your mileage running each week and you will see a huge improvement in your overall level of aerobic fitness.

Jennifer Hukill

Fitness Manager

Junction 311 Endurance Sports