Sometimes the journey gets longer. Sometimes your hope and belief is tested. That is where I find myself at the moment.

A week ago Saturday, I had a pretty good 14 mile run. Slow, but not much pain and generally felt like I could go a few miles longer. And the awesome part was the next morning, there was little soreness. Happy dance and the belief was strong. Did a boring stationary bike ride on Labor Day with no inkling of what was to come.

Things can turn on a dime, or in this case, an uneven old sidewalk in Greensboro. Was having a pleasant run during  Gibb’s Hundred Running Club, but somewhere around 4 miles, my bad habit of shuffling caught up to me. My right foot caught that uneven sidewalk and I stumbled. I should have just fallen and taken my scrapes, but I instinctually overextended my right, and previously on the mend, leg. First I felt the twinge in the hip, followed by that dreaded needle prick in the back of the leg. Hamstring dammit. While I had already re-calibrated on probably not getting a PR for my marathon, this pretty much ended the possibility for a marathon this fall.

I still held on to a faint hope that I could heal quickly and get back into a slow groove. So I took almost a week off of running and then ran Rebecca’s Run on Monday, September 12. Things went ok for awhile, but by mile 4, the hamstring was not a happy camper. I did lots of walking the last 2 miles.

There are sometimes big frustrations and major detours on the journey. I still want a new marathon PR, but it just won’t happen this year. So, where do I go from here? First, I have to get well and then do a better job of strengthening and stretching so this doesn’t happen again! I think there is enough time to recover and get myself back up to do a slow, no pressure half marathon in Pensacola and use this for a springboard into winter training and building a better base.

This is a test. This is only a test.This will pass. I still believe.

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