Brutal. Just brutal. That is the only thing I can say about the wether the past 2 months. Running in this nasty heat and humidity is tough. Staying hydrated is an absolute must! But it does wear on you. The running just isn’t as much fun to me as in cooler weather. I am sooooooo looking forward to that first cool snap that lets us know fall is just around the corner. It is such an awesome feeling when you go out and its cooler, the air is drier and you feel like you could just run all day. That’s when it really gets fun!

Rambling seems fitting to these dog days of summer. Things were going so well until just a couple of weeks ago. Then the hip thing  hit. I’m on the way back, but the heat has made it a lot tougher to get back in the groove. Still doing my exercises MOST days like Streakers Coach Jen said, but I’ve hit one of those less motivated low points. I guess now is when consistency I mentioned a while back really counts. Just got to keep plugging until it feels right again.

The good news is that I am registered for the Pensacola Marathon on November 13. We have a booth reserved at their expo again this year to promote the 2nd annual Big Beach Marathon in Gulf Shores, Alabama on Sunday January 29, 2017. The Pensacola folks added a race entry in for reserving a booth, so that made things a bit nicer. It should be a fun trip.

Cool Running (I wish!)



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