You know it’s hard. You know there are bad days. You know there are good days. Runners experience lots of “you know” moments. But there is that special time when “you know” you are going to make it, It’s when running isn’t a chore any more. You haven’t accomplished what you set out to do yet, but “you know” you will.

When I started back 6-8 weeks ago, running was a chore. The whole run was tough and I didn’t necessarily look forward to the next one. But some time around my last blog post, I started to feel like I got my groove back. It bothers me when schedule forces me to miss a run and most days I actually look forward to my run. The mileage is creeping up a bit. Was so happy to finish an 8 miler this past Sunday. The first 4 miles was tough, but as I picked up the pace slightly in the last few miles I felt better. I “knew” I was going to finish the 8 miles. I “knew” my work and consistency were paying off. I “knew” I was back.

I know I’m back, now what? Don’t get complacent. I can’t get too satisfed with where I am. Just getting started. I am a HUGE Alabama Crimson Tide football fan and I love Coach Nick Saban’s rule to only enjoy a victory or mourn a loss for 24 hours, then set your focus back on the ultimate goal and what it takes to get there. So, back to work.

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