Numbers. Numbers. Numbers, !&#$@(*&@# NUMBERS!

Runners are obsessed with numbers. I’m one of the least obsessed and I’m pretty damn bad. 206, that’s the weight I had ballooned to when I knew I had to get back on track. 4:52:42. Marathon PR. 2:06:34 Half PR. 53:27 10K PR. 25:40 5K PR. Haven’t seen any of those in years. Came close on marathon a few years back at Shamrock with a 4:55+. On pace for PR at my last marathon but blew up, BADLY, at mile 20.

206 is the only number that really matters. It needs to be 185, at the most. All the rest will fall into place if I do the work to get to 185. It is about doing the work. It’s not complicated and you don’t need fancy schedules and plans. Just do the work. Be consistent. That’s the hard part.

Running while on vacation was awesome. With all that time, it was easy to be consistent. Then we came home. I did pretty good, until….Indoor Insanity. Missed four days with race prep, packet pickup, race day, etc. All excuses. Finally ran again yesterday. Had an awesome run. Back on track. Thankfully we help coordinate running clubs at Gibbs Hundred and Foothills Breweries, so that is two runs a week for sure. Of course the beer makes it a bit easier 🙂

Next time, goals.

Cool Running,


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