Grab a few friends, or sign up solo if you think you can conquer it on your own. A running (or walking, we don’t care) scavenger hunt designed for teams (1-5 people). The event can be done in any city or town. Team members MUST be together, and travel by foot together, in order to participate.

We are taking the positives of virtual and marrying them with the best of the “real” racing and event world! Welcome to VIRTUALLY REAL! The event is real in that there is an official course with a defined start, finish and route.

We are excited to introduce to you “The 5 At Columns Drive“! The 5 miler course located in Marietta, GA will be marked along the 5 mile out and back stretch of Columns Drive and the 5K course will be marked on the crushed gravel walking / running path that runs along the river to the Powers Ferry Unit parking lot and back. Know the course, crush it!  Never heard of Columns Drive, make it a destination road trip! There will be an official KOM and QOM of Columns Drive and you can see how you stack up to the 1000s that run these courses weekly.

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